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I've got really screwy hair. LOVE IT.


I may not be too regular with this blog for a number of reasons:

  1. I’ve got a demanding job
  2. I’m a single mom with a somewhat demanding kid
  3. I haven’t kept a blog in quite some time, so regular journaling may take some getting used to

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we can proceed! A little more about my journey:

I’ve lived in Lagos for about 3 1/2 years now, but before then I lived in the US for 10 years. I went natural while I was in America and alternated between wearing my hair out, in twists, in cornrows, and in braids, which worked out pretty well for me. I’ve had to completely relearn how to take care of my hair since moving back home, though, because it’s a totally different climate–and I lost a good head of hair first!

I really didn’t prepare myself for the climate change. Then when I started working, I got a lot of back-to-back weaves and thin braids because I was overworked and had no spare time. Both cost me my hairline. I got so frustrated that I started getting Ghana weaving (fat cornrows with synthetic/human hair) for 2-3 months at a go. This was the best hair decision I’d made since moving back because it let my hair rest and grow back a bit. I’ve done that for the last 2 years and now I want a change, so it’s time to try other things.

As you can probably tell by now, I like low-maintenance hair and I’d rather go to a salon to get it done. Problem is, I haven’t found a single salon in Lagos that understands natural black hair. Amazing, isn’t it? And we’re a black city! Truth is, natural hair isn’t exactly held in high regard over here. But I’ve started making my local salon work for me. More on that later.

In the last few months, I’ve been learning about my hair–or reminding myself of the things I learned years ago but never paid attention to afterwards. My hair’s porous and doesn’t like protein, for instance, so I’ve had to find a moisturizing method by trial and error. (Also, my also-nappy-headed sister who lives in the US came home on vacation and we shared lots of hair tips with each other.)

What I’ve had to relearn over the last few months? I’ll give you a few broad strokes now and address each later:

  1. Educate: Learning what my hair is, likes, and cannot stand is the first thing I’ve gotta do to start growing it healthy and keeping your sanity
  2. Acclimatize: Be prepared for myclimate (and seasonal weather changes) and I’ll feel less like ripping out handfuls of my precious hair
  3. Protect & It’ll Serve: In high humidity, I need protective styling and there are protective styles that are still cute (since I worry about how I look at work meetings)
  4. Fear No Grease: Oils/hair grease/butters are good for my hair and will help me keep my style longer
  5. Love It: But don’t smother it–there is such a thing as playing too much with my hair–i.e., styling it too much

Your hair might be different from mine, so you need to figure some of this stuff out on your own.

Anyhoodle, it’s way past my bedtime. (So forgive any typos above. I hope I’ve made some sense.) Night!

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This entry was posted on February 17, 2011 by in Miscellaneous.


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