Screwy Haired Girl

I've got really screwy hair. LOVE IT.

first-time twists

  • If I’m not letting the hair out in a ‘fro, how can it be cute?
  • I don’t have the time to do my hair every freakin’ week
  • My hair’s not thin, but DK has a whole lot more hair than I do and can therefore get away with a lot more

I don’t get a lot of time to play with my hair, so it’s been hiding in Ghana weaving (i.e., big, fat cornrows) most of the last 2 years. That’s been my protective styling. The synthetic hair I use, though, gives me dandruff, which I never had much of before (and I’m not about to pay premium prices for human hair). But it was a compromise for convenience; I leave the cornrows in for 2 months at a go. (Don’t hate–I’m a legend among my friends for being able to keep old cornrows looking good.) Leaving it in that long has also helped my hair recover a bit after all the damage I got from back-to-back weaves in 2008, but my hairline’s prone to breaking and that takes a lot longer to fix…especially since a new girl pulled out all my “chops” last September. So what to do?

Well, my sister (DK) and a girlfriend (Mz. B) have gradually convinced me to do stuff with my own hair, something I wasn’t quite sure about. Reasons I’m doing it:

  • Try something new
  • I’m tired of Ghana weaving
  • The girl who usually does my hair moved to Jos last December
  • Let the hairline grow back in
  • DK and Mz. B have been right about co-washing, and I do declare that my sis does some really cute things with her hair
  • Try something new

Twists in French Braids

So that’s what it looks like. Not really as cute as when I let my hair out, but it won’t tangle. And I like it!

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