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Monthly Archives: March, 2011

The Ten Natural Hair Commandments

I stumbled across “The Ten Natural Hair Commandments” by Laquita Thomas-Banks on Clutch Magazine online and I think it’s lovely. It begins: For those of us who have made, are … Continue reading

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oh, Liz!

                        RIP, Dame Elizabeth Taylor

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skipping merrily along (hair-wise)

White Collar man is a hottie. I really want blue streaks in my fro. I was so inspired by BGLH last night that I hobbled over to the bathroom and washed … Continue reading

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last night’s co-poo wash & honey conditioner

Community is one funny show, people. Because you never know what you’re gonna get at the beauty supply (or other) store over here, I generally just buy what’s available now. … Continue reading

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black girls got long hair!

Damn the sandflies that bit me in the yard this afternoon. Damn them to hell. I just caught myself telling the person in the TV box that he’s an idiot. … Continue reading

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desperate desperation

(Sorry in advance for my blurry photos. And the excessive use of caps in this post.) OKAY! LET’S PLAY CATCH-UP! Been inconveniently sick–as opposed to conveniently so–for a few weeks … Continue reading

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