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desperate desperation

(Sorry in advance for my blurry photos. And the excessive use of caps in this post.)


Been inconveniently sick–as opposed to conveniently so–for a few weeks and my hair was a wreck during that time…as usual.

When I caught a break 3 weeks ago, I tried to Porosity threw a tantrum and tried to give me a nervous breakdown. My fro was dry, dry, dry, and simply REFUSED to absorb all the conditioners, leave-ins, oils, and creams I threw at it, even when I left them in for over FIVE HOURS which would usually leave my hair baby-soft. This was deeply frustrating.


So I pulled out every hair oil, cream, and leave-in I could find in the house and started mixing like an unbalanced mad scientist–as opposed to a balanced one. The ingredients, from what I can recall:

  • olive oil
  • jojoba oil
  • shea butter
  • Motions Weightless Clear Hairdressing Cream
  • Profectiv Long n Healthy Anti-Breakage Strengthening Mega-Moisturizer (I love this stuff)
  • Organics Leave-In Hair Mayonnaise
  • Vitale Olive Oil Virgin Hair Oil (that’s what it says)
  • Let’s Jam Leave-In Conditioner (carbon dating was unable to determine what decade this product was purchased in)

Here’s what’s left of the mix:

Hey, I was on a lot of meds. But you know what? IT WORKED. Porosity died a horrible death-by-biological-agent and Hair was released from its desert prison. It was a “wet” mix and I twisted it in. The only downside is the slightly sticky residue, but I’d take residue over dryness ANY DAY.

Now, I don’t recommend this line of action for everyone. As I indicated, desperation played an active role in donning the mad scientist coat. I’m now getting together all-natural ingredients for a new mix. That’s up next.

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