Screwy Haired Girl

I've got really screwy hair. LOVE IT.

a real first!

My hair absorbed oil. That’s NEVER happened before.

I’ve been sick–and still am–so I only got to take out my cornrows tonight after about a month. My hair never itches when I have braids or Ghana weaving in for months, but it started bugging me a few days ago and I just had to do something. Anyhoodle, back to the aforementioned earth-shattering event:

I hair-surfed the interwebs while I took out the cornrows on which I’d slopped on a lot of conditioner to help take out the rows and detangled the hair for AGES! Wandered around a bunch of natural hair sites. Stumbled across an article on Moptop Maven about correcting porous hair and it suddenly clicked: do the apple cider vinegar rinse before co-washing! Other sites I’ve seen–and even advice I’ve gotten–is to do it at the end of co-washing for the pH balance, but that’s never actually done anything, even though I just kept on doing it that way, hoping it would one day ha ha! Moptop Maven said to mix a third-cup of ACV with 2-3 cups of cold distilled water, so I mixed about a half-cup of ACV with 1.5 litres (or about 6 cups or 3 pints) of cold water from the dispenser. I rinsed out my conditioner-laden hair slowly and the mix surprisingly got all the dirt out. I then co-washed twice, leaving in the conditioner the 2nd time for about a couple hours, I think–or the length of a couple sitcoms and SNL.

The ACV rinse made a difference because my hair not only absorbed the conditioner much better than it’s done in the last couple years, but it also sucked in my olive oil/jojoba oil mix*  and let it soften it! Oil has always just slid off my hair without doing a thing but slightly pissing me off. I barely even needed the hair grease to seal the ends. Kindly mark the day because it might be a sign of the end times :-)**

As my protective style, I did maybe 12-14 loose twists and tucked them in…after I went overboard and pretty much soaked my hair in oil. (Can’t help my excitement, okay?) I’ve put a shower cap on and a scarf to go to bed because I read somewhere online that it’s really good for your ends (and so that the oil doesn’t soak my pillow tonight).

  • One thing I’m going to have to stop doing, though is going to the salon

I was excited about the mohawk/patewo cornrows at first, but after day 3 or so, I started not liking it. Being sick for extended periods of time, it was good to not have to think about the hair, but the girl who did them twisted them in a way that it all tangled when I took them out–the exact opposite of the way I showed her. Also, my overly ambitious mix I did up a few weeks ago is probably responsible for my hair matting in some places, though I kept detangling it over the weeks I had the cornrows in, so it wasn’t too bad. But the tangling was annoying and I’m going to have to find the strength every week to do the styling myself. I already “outsourced” the washing back to me, so I might as well just do the styling. Kinda like the tucked in twists I have right now and there’s a plethora of styles online to inspire me.

Maybe I’ll finally get a protective style compliment :-)

Sleepy now…and I have to stalk a mosquito. Toodles!


* Used this mix because I haven’t gotten the coconut oil and shea butter yet, the former because I’ve been in bed for a bit and the latter because my salon owner forgot to get it. Sigh. I’ll get it done, though (because I have to send DK some soon!) I’ll also get my mom to get the aloe vera I’d like to start growing in pots like we used to when I was a teenager, so that I can make my own gel.

** How do you get rid of pesk auto emoticons?

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