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Homemade Coconut Oil

I was reading an old profile of a 19-year-old Nigerian girl in Lagos, Iffy, on Black Girl with Long Hair, who seemed to have been having issues finding oils and shea butter for her hair. I posted a reply, which led me to type this up.

Coconut oil is wonderful but pure coconut oil (that doesn’t have suspect oils added to it) is scarce in these parts, so why not make your own? Before the last time I got sick, I made some coconut oil! Technically, I didn’t make it myself because I was sick, but my dear mom had my cook make some. So I don’t have any photos of the process :-( It’s a simple one, so next time I make it, I’ll have photos. Now, this is the heat method. Some folks might not like it, but we don’t have cold presses in my neck of the woods–or, at least, I haven’t found any. I’m happy with my coconut oil. It smells like freshly baked cakes when it’s done cooking and when it cools, it smells like coconut candy. Mmmm.

There are cold press methods online for those who may have a problem with this method.

What you’ll need to make approx. 4 oz. of coconut oil (depending on the size of your coconuts):

– 5 coconuts
– Grater
– Blender
– Strainer (or straining cloth)
– Large bowl
– Large pot
– Clean jar (that holds at least 8 oz.)

What you do:

– Grate the coconut flesh. Throw it in the blender to get it really fine.

– Put the grated coconut in a strainer over the large bowl and slowly pour hot/boiling water over it, pressing it down to get all the milk out. When you’re done, you’ll have coconut milk in the bowl.

– Boil the coconut milk in the pot over high heat until the water evaporates, leaving coconut cream at the bottom and oil on top.

– Skim the oil off the top (or pour it carefully) into the jar, and you’ve got your coconut oil. 5 coconuts should yield about 4 oz. of oil.

– Refrigerate your oil when you’re not using it.

– Enjoy your oil!

My camera makes it look like pee, but it's a little lighter in color and smells like heaven :-)

The coconut cream is great as a conditioner or use it in coconut rice. Mm, tasty.

My tailor brought me a small bottle of coconut oil she got at the market after hearing me talk about it. That was so sweet of her! Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t use it. Remember the added suspect oils? Yeah, so her coconut oil smelled like rotten meat or something very similar. Felt bad about throwing it out because it was a gift, but I have a kid who gets into everything. Sigh.

3 comments on “Homemade Coconut Oil

  1. cherie
    March 2, 2013

    Hi,this was really helpful.have been thinking, how to get some pure coconut oil all this while u no.and been so hard getting it, n cos sometimes u are broke and ordering products is a no no.I have been natural now for 10mths,my hair is about 5inches in some part n say 4.5inches in others.cos when I big chopped it,it was really low.loving my hair,I have a daughter who’s hair I haven’t cut.tell the truth I can’t imagine cutting it,so love her natural for now am using all natural oils,aloe n butter.ur homemade coconut oil recipe am gona try as soon as I hit d market place,and its so so simple.never new,been thinking how its done.thanks ur are great.nice inspiration.

  2. screwyhair
    September 30, 2011

    That’s your new given name, chosen by moi. You’re welcome ;-)

    Yep, I don’t think the heat method is so bad for coconut oil; that’s apparently the traditional method for extracting it in southeast Asia, so I’m sure it’s fine. I too like the results. I’m thinking that you’re better off when you make it yourself at home, head method or cold press, because you have more control over the quality of the fruit itself and you avoid all the preservative manufacturers have to include. Will send you some more hopefully soon :-)

    Thanks! Glad you like it.

  3. DK?
    September 30, 2011

    This is DK, as apparently I am called. Just wanted to say that I actually prefer the coconut oil you guys make at home to the (expensive) extra virgin oilI buy online in the U.S., so the heat method can’t be that bad.

    Nice, informative blog, by the way.

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