Screwy Haired Girl

I've got really screwy hair. LOVE IT.

renewing my (hair) vows…again

I’ll be good this time, honey! Promise!

We’ve had a rocky relationship, haven’t we?

Just look at what I did to you! Can't believe I let you become this!

You know when you love someone so much, but they drive you absolutely crazy, and you fight so much and it gets so bad that you try to change each other, but when you do, that’s when you two realize how much you love each other just the way you are and try to get things back to how they were, but things are different now, and the only way to make it work is to start over and learn how to care about each other again? Yep, that’s me and my hair!

This time I promise to take care of you

You won’t go hungry this time;
I’ll feed you well from the outside and from within
(Well, at least from the outside)

This time, I won’t let you go thirsty either;
I’ll lavish on you all the moisture you desire

I’m going to listen to you from now on and not put you under any undue stress
from braids, weaves, blow dryers, flat irons, or brushing my temples
because I know you can only take so much of my foolishness

I’m going to listen to you and find just what you like
instead of jumping on every online natural hair bandwagon

I will never try to change you –no, I’ll never try to texturize you again
because I respect you and love you just the way you are

I will enjoy you, however long or short you want to be right now
because you always make me beautiful and really don’t care when I’m bloated

Even on dark days, when nothing else seems to be working
you let me know you’re the silver lining and that when the storm is over
we can laugh at the silly questions about why we’re the way we are

We will grow together
be patient together
become wise together

It’ll be different this time
I promise

…now, I need to talk to my tummy: I love you, sweetie, but come on! WE ARE NOT PREGNANT!

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