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the new hair regimen, mixes + products i’m sticking with (for now)

I been experimenting a bit and reading a lot of online info over the last couple months and I think I’ve figured out what works for me for now. Because of my schedule and health, I need simplicity in caring for my hair and so far this regimen works. Also, I don’t use wash with warm water because it’s so hot, so what I use really counts. I’m getting lots of moisturizing and strength from my new regimen and my ends seem nice and healthy so far.

healthiest ends I've had in a long time

Soft and sprongy means lots of shrinkage but no tangling. twists stretched it out. My edges are just going into rehab, as you can see

So here are the process and recipes that work for me, but remember: it’s always important to figure out what works for YOU and stick with it.

New Weekly Regimen

Once a week:

– Co-wash first. Because the water at my house is hard, I buy cheap drinking water and use that
– Next is a deep conditioning treatment (recipe below). I massage in all of the DC mix and leave in for 1-2 hours while wearing a snug shower cap
– I then add some regular conditioner and gently detangle with a wide-toothed comb
– I rinse out the DC mix, then spray with diluted glycerin and massage in my leave-in conditioner (see below)
– I then section my hair and do twists, working in the shea butter mix from root to tip and sealing the whole shaft with my oil mix (see below). I’m currently using a shea mix Ms B sent me.  It’s lovely. (Thanks, Ms B!) I believe it’s got shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and glycerin. (I’ll mix up my own batch when this one runs out and post the recipe)

Every two weeks:

– Rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar (see below) after co-washing
– Add an egg to the deep conditioner mix

In between washes:

– Mist with diluted glycerin at least twice a day
– Mist then seal hair shaft and ends with shea butter mix or oil mix every other day or so

Every night:

– Sleep with light shower cap inside a satin cap, or (if it’s hot) wrap my pillow with a satin scarf and go without the shower and satin caps

Weekly Deep Conditioner

(I mentioned some benefits of these ingredients in my last post)

  • Honey – as much as you like
  • Extra virgin olive oil – 2 tablespoons, melted
  • Extra virgin coconut oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Vegetable glycerin – 1 tablespoon
  • Egg – 1 – Not every week; I plan to use an egg only once or twice a month

I’m excited about the vegetable glycerin addition. Living in the tropics, this is a great addition to my mix because glycerin, as you probably know, is a humectant and there’s so much moisture in tropical air to pull into my hair, especially right now in the rainy season. The other great thing about glycerin is that a little goes a helluva long way, so my huge bottle will last me a long time (which is good because I can’t find it in Lagos). You’re not supposed to use it during winter, but I think it’ll be fine during our dry season as long as I’m misting my hair as usual. Will test the validity of that theory later in the year.

Conditioners + Rinses + Oils

  • Daily Leave-In Mist: Diluted Glycerin
    2 tablespoons in 6 oz. of distilled, bottle, or “pure” water
    In the last month, I’ve been spraying in a light mist of just water–from the water dispenser because of hard tap water–a few times a day and I only added the glycerin on Sunday. It works well and I don’t seem to need to spray more than one or two times a day. I don’t refrigerate the solution, so I’ll only mix up 6 oz. at a time. 
  • Co-Wash Conditioner: Any non-protein moisturizing conditioner goes
    I tend to use Vo5’s moisturizing conditioners because they’re cheap. Right now, I’m using the Profectiv I got a few weeks ago as my co-wash. (Since I don’t use it in my deep conditioning mix anymore, I don’t want to waste it. Any build-up it might leave will be rinsed out by my ACV rinse, anyway. Working fine right now.)
  • Twice-Monthly Rinse: Diluted apple cider vinegar
    About half a cup (4 oz) to 1 quart (1 liter)
    I rinse with this after co-washing and before deep conditioning because my hair’s so porous. It corrects my hair’s pH balance and also seems to help it absorb the deep conditioner better.
  • Weekly (or whenever I need it) Leave-In: Motions CPR Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner
    Also a recent addition. I was a little hesitant to use this because I’ve always shied away from Motions’ CPR line–ever since my mom had a bad experience with it about 7 years ago–but this one works great. It’s kind of a gel-like lotion and, despite what it says on the bottle, I don’t need more than a good squirt.
  • Twice-Weekly Oil Sealant: Olive Oil + Coconut Oil + Jojoba Oil Mix
    Equal parts EVOO and EVCO (melted at rooom temperature) with a few drops of jojoba oil
    I use this to seal my hair shaft and ends after co-washing and then once or twice weekly after misting with the diluted glycerin.

This was a gift. Haven't seen it in Lagos, but it might be sold here


When I let my hair out to go somewhere, I’ll post a photo. I hope this has been helpful!

2 comments on “the new hair regimen, mixes + products i’m sticking with (for now)

  1. Natural Nigerian
    June 22, 2011

    A full range of Motions products are available in Nigeria. The BICU store in Lagos Island carries it and sells wholesale and retail. I stopped using Motions though after I became concerned with ingredients.

    • screwyhair
      June 23, 2011

      Thanks, Naturally Nigerian, for the tip! Where on Lagos Island is the BICU store? I searched your website but didn’t find it on there. Thanks much!

      I used swear by Motions; I started using it before I had my son (which is about when I went natural, so he doesn’t believe I ever had permed hair ha ha!) and I kept on using their products afterwards because at the time it was the only thing that seemed like it was formulated for black hair and their Moisturizing Shampoo was the only one I’d ever used that didn’t totally dry up my hair. And back then in 1999/2000, there wasn’t an online natural hair community yet–at least I don’t think there was one–so it was just in talking to the few non-dreadlocks naturals in school that I learned what to try.

      I no longer shampoo, though, and I’ve gone more natural with my deep conditioning (honey, egg, big messes), so I’ve broken my Motions addiction. The other thing is that I bought a couple bottles of Motions conditioners from that Downtown store in VI and another in Phase 1 and they just didn’t work the way the ones I bought in the US work (so I’m guessing they’re either fake or have been sitting on the shelf too long).

      Great blog, by the way! Just hopped over a little while ago and I love it. Keep up the great work!

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