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Hair Lesson #1: Nature is a screwy-haired girl’s best friend. No joke

 I’m going to do a series of hair lessons. Let’s jump right in.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m one of those girls who’s done almost everything to her hair. I’ve had a perm, locks, a jheri curl (don’t judge, y’all), several texturizers. I’ve had weaves, Halle Berrys, Anita Bakers, Toni Braxtons, T-Boz’s (don’t tell Triple A), finger waves, dual-length bangs (friend practicing on my hair), baby curls, bobs, near-shaved head (not on purpose), straight/curly/wavy/curly-afro-no-one-else-has weaves, every possible type and color of braids, cornrows, faux-hawks (in the ’80s and now). I’ve had gold, jet black, auburn, blonde, silver, and almost got blue (but the salon was out of blue, leading to a very dark day for my 18-year-old self). And I’ve also been natural almost 12 years. So during all the hair fun and crazies, I’ve done a lot of bad stuff to my hair. She should’ve packed up and left me years ago, but she stood by me and I now know to give her what she loves. And she loves nature.

Now, I’ve never been a health or nature freak. I like my nature on TV (because nature means heat, mosquitoes, and sandflies or bitter cold, winds, and slippery sidewalks) and if I didn’t grow up with a health freak mother, I wouldn’t really go out of my way to be healthy. And for about 14 years, I swore by Motions, right from when I had a perm, because it was the only affordable product I found that didn’t’ dry out my porous hair. But now, I’ve found better (and cheap!) replacements. I’ve now transitioned over the last 6 months or so from using commercial products–conditioners, creams, oils, and treatments–to using almost 100% natural products for my hair and body, and I can tell you that the difference is spectacular.

Hard to see, but there's shine and softness in these locks

Locally-made shea butter, homemade coconut oil, raw (Eastern Nigerian) honey, the occasional whole egg, vegetable glycerin, and extra virgin oils have made a HUGE difference in how my hair feels, looks, and behaves–it’s now always soft and shiny, and has great curl definition, even when I haven’t washed it in weeks (which can happen a lot). This is no small feat; my hair’s naturally very coily, porous, and dry and I never thought my hair could feel so soft. (I still use a leave-in conditioner, but I’ve been able to cut back to just a little dab and only when I co-wash.)

all-natural hair butter - recipe next post

diluted apple cider vinegar - great for cleaning out mucky build-up

honey mix deep conditioner – it’s still the same recipe of honey, coconut oil, and glycerin, but I’ve dropped olive oil to reduce dripping


  • with shea butter, the more raw it is, the better. If you see flecks of sand in it, pick them out and be happy
  • if you live in Nigerian, coconut oil is better made in your kitchen than bought in the market. You don’t know what they put in the market fare. If you find it in a grocery store or pharmacy, make sure it’s extra virgin first cold press coconut oil. Olive oil should always be extra virgin. First cold press is hard to find in Lagos, I think, but it’s a great bonus if you find it

3 comments on “Hair Lesson #1: Nature is a screwy-haired girl’s best friend. No joke

  1. Chioma
    July 16, 2014

    U are simply awesome

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