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I’m Back Like the ’80s + 1st Water Marble Mani!

It’s been a while y’all. (And to emphasize this, Aaliyah just came on on my stereo.) Do I go into all that’s happened since my last post? Nah, let’s just say I’ve been sick a lot and leave it at that. Being sick so long, however, made me discover some things I wouldn’t have given myself a chance to discover if I hadn’t been forced to. So let’s get right into it.

Did I say we’d get right into it? Um, yeah, I wanna show off my new manicure first :-) I’ve got really strong nails, so I’m not really particular about how I wear them, as long as they’re fun, but while I was sick, I didn’t cut them and they really grew out.

It's so hard to say goodbye...

I don’t like it when that happens cos they’re so pretty that I don’t want to cut them and then I start with my foolishness and start using them as can openers and screwdrivers, and then I get a break RIGHT IN THE NAILBED. Ugh. Besides, I hate putting polish on long nails cos I have a long nailbed and I start hearing, “Ah, where did you do your acrylics?” My silly rule is long nails no polish, short nails lots of polish. So after taking 2 days to convince myself to cut them, I did. Then as a birthday treat–yep, I turned 22 yet again, y’all, no comments, yo–I gave myself my first water marbling mani.

Behold: the water marble mani

Edges not perfect, but not bad for a first!

Green-blues came out better than these, but still love 'em!

Cute, right, right? I give all thanks and props to the following manicure queens for introducing me to water marbling:

Ladies (and gents), if you like doing your own nails like I do, I encourage you to run–don’t walk–to these girls’ blogs because they are fierce. Thanks, Triple A, for introducing me to Chloe and Scrangie. You’re my girl.

Next up: those hair lessons I talked about :-)

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