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Decisions, decisions…Part II

I decided to leave my hair alone. No, it’s not an earth-shattering, world-changing decision, but it felt like it :-) I want the convenience of cornrows and I want to do something really cute with my hair, but I had to come to terms with 3 things:

  • My edges don’t like to be manipulated AT ALL: When I finally accepted this year that my edges in front are naturally weak and cannot abide any kind of tension, and when I finally started treating them as delicately as I would a newborn, they started feeling good. Every night now–well, almost–they get some oils and hair butter love and they’re loving me back: no more dry, brittle hair that breaks off when you touch it. My front hairline will never be as full as DK’s, but it’ll be healthy, i.e., if I stay away from the evil hands at the hair salon :-) So why mess with a good thing?
  • I forget about my hair when it’s in cornrows: I get lazy. Other things take my attention. The most I’ll do is in the first week because the pulling at the edges gets so unbearable (which is the first sign of trouble, anyway).
  • I’m the queen of keeping my cornrows too long: Friends marvel at how long I can keep a style going strong. I did fat cornrows for 4 months once and everyone thought they were maybe a few weeks old. Maybe my hairdos don’t age quickly because my fingers stay out of them and I’m lucky enough not to have a dandruff problem. Maybe it’s the girl who used to do my hair. I don’t really know. I retain all the length from new growth while in cornrows, but when it’s time to take them out…sigh. The tangling. The frustration. The mourning of handfuls of hair on the floor. No, thanks.
I’ll therefore be leaving my hair alone. Thank goodness for YouTube hairstyle tutorials :-)

3 comments on “Decisions, decisions…Part II

  1. Nat.
    October 15, 2011

    I thought I was the only one in Nigeria who thought salons were evil ^_^…lol
    If you want the kinks to chill you could plait fat braids and wear ankara/ pashmina turbans for as long as you want.

    • screwyhair
      October 16, 2011

      Ah, you’re not the only one, though my stubborn butt had to learn it the hard way.

      I always used to get them done fat, but I still am one of those girls who forgets about her hair after a week or two, so why tempt fate? :-) Yep, I do love an ankara head wrap or three. When I wanna let the hair be, I can wear them for two weeks straight. I’ve also just gotten into beanies. (Finally found one that fit my enormous head.) Will do a post on them soon.

      • Nat.
        October 16, 2011

        Lol…looking forward to it!

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