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New Scotch Tape Manicure & Tips

Again, my newest fav thing is a Scotch Tape manicure.

my current mani, done over my lunch break yesterday

bling left...

...bling right :-)

last week's mani. well, I didn't keep it a whole week before I got bored...

left again...

...and right again!

My kid thinks I’ve gone all girly on him, haha! I don’t know how long I’ll be in love with tape manicures, but for now I’ll enjoy the puppy love.

So yeah, it only made sense to get this Beautify Nail Star 60-polish set on Amazon for just £29.99 (supposedly slashed from £99.99) and it got in last week. I used them and OPI in the above manis. The Amazon item listing’s gone, but I’ve got photos. I love the colors.

above my new collection is my formerly measly collection :-)(minus a bunch I never use)

My dream is to get here one day. Now THAT’S a polish stash.

Now, I love me some OPI; with my base and top coats, those babies last like a NEPA outage. So far, el-cheapo collection polishes last just 3 or 4 days before they start chipping, but that’s just the type of excuse I need to whip out the Scotch tape again! One side has a brush and the other a pen applicator, but these are the worst brushes I’ve ever encountered, for real; I have to use a brush from a bottle I don’t use anymore. The brushes are good for drawing straight lines, though, like in my current mani. I did the orange hand with tape at first then got tired of slicing up and positioning the tiny tape strips, so I did the blue hand with just the original brush.

Making Your Manicure Last

My regular manicures pretty much last about 2 weeks, while pedicures last 3 weeks with the usual touch-ups. From time to time, my girlfriends asks how I get my polish to last as long as it does. My tips:

  • Start with clean nails: I take off the old polish, do any needed filing or clipping, wash with soap, massage in a drop of my hair oil mix  (olive/coconut/jojoba oils), and dry them well.
  • Use a good base coat: They’ll protect your nails, create a smooth surface for the polish, and help keep the polish on longer. I love Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Base Coat.
  • Don’t go cheap: Unless you’re making a volume buy like my Amazon find, invest in good quality polish. My go-to brand is OPI. I also dig Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear and hear good things about Orly and a couple others.
  • Give enough dry time between coats:  This, I believe, is a big factor in achieving a long-wearing manicure. I typically do 2 coats and wait at least 20 minutes between coats. Even with a quick-dry top coat, you need to wait. I also use a quick-dry spray in between coats just for good measure (Onyx Nail Enamel Dryer or Salon Professional Nail Enamel Dryer). Whenever I’ve gotten my nails done at a nail salon, the polish peels right off because the manicurist just slaps on coat after coat, with maybe a couple minutes in between.
  • Use a good top coat: I swear by Out The Door Fast Dry Top Coat. It helps dry polish really fast and keeps them on longer.
  • Don’t do a lot of hand washing: Or use gloves, especially when you cook. Your nails will thank you.
That’s it, ladies (and adventurous guys)!

2 comments on “New Scotch Tape Manicure & Tips

  1. Nat.
    October 21, 2011

    ammm…this is off the topic…but where did you get those beautiful ankara bangles!!? Love the nail art too. Wish I had the patience…

    • screwyhair
      October 21, 2011

      LOL, totally not off topic :-) I make them for me, friends, family, but I don’t sell them. (At least not yet.) Zebra Living has great ankara bangles too. Thanks! Glad you like it. Patience isn’t a prerequisite–a lazy Saturday night and a movie are :-) I’m still a nail polish novice; Chloe, one of my favorite lacquer bloggers, changes her polish up to 4 times a day. I’m in total awe of her patience and skill.

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