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Natural Hair Meet-Up in Lagos – Update

Been trying to do this for a few days now–thanks, WordPress–then got swept up with work.


A quick update on the meet-up via Natural Nigerian’s blog:

All the pieces are coming together nicely. Screwyhair and I have been working hard behind the scenes (actually she has been working harder than me, lol!). I am pleased to say that we have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the event. It would appear that this is long awaited. I am super excited and I hope you are too.

Screwyhair (who is also an incredible graphics designer) will have posters ready next week. They will contain information concerning the meet up. I am considering creating another page on this blog specially dedicated to meet-up information so that it is all in one place rather than being interspersed with other posts.

To give you a sneak preview into what is coming, we have secured a lovely venue which has the right sort of ambiance for a cozy, relaxed meet up. Several topics regarding hair – its science, care, product use and more will be discussed. There will be a nutritionist on hand to explain how what we eat affects the quality of our skin, hair and health. There will be a demonstration on how to handle hair properly and a giveaway (a.k.a A-W-O-O-F, lol!).  I get tons of questions about where to source certain tools, ingredients and products – there will be quite a few at the meet up.

We also want to hear from YOU, so please bring all your stories, tips and tricks so that we may learn from each other.

Just to clarify, this meet up is not by any chance restricted to those who have natural hair alone. My friend is currently rocking a Brazilian/Peruvian weave atop her relaxed hair and she is going to be there to learn what she can about handling her hair in its current state as well as other things concerning her skin and health. The meet up is not just about hair, but promoting a natural way of living as it is all connected.

Regarding a date, it will definitely hold in November.  Please check back here and on Screwy’s blog for more information.

5 comments on “Natural Hair Meet-Up in Lagos – Update

  1. festivalking
    November 14, 2011

    You ladies have any topics on Alopecia? Its a REALLY major issue amongst women in our society but is hardly ever discussed.


    • screwyhair
      November 14, 2011

      Yep, alopecia’s one of our topics. I wish we took care of our edges better. You’re right; most black women don’t really think about it, especially now that so many have weaves as their go-to style.

    • Omozo
      November 16, 2011

      Hello Festivalking, we did a post on traction alopecia. Check it out here and I hope it helps.

      • festivalking
        November 17, 2011

        Nice! thanks, but mine is actually Alopecia Areata.
        Horrid it is! :(

        • screwyhair
          November 17, 2011

          I looked up alopecia areata and here’s what I found. Full article here. Hope it helps:


          If hair loss is not widespread, the hair will likely regrow in a few months, whether or not treatment is used.

          Even for more severe hair loss, it is not clear whether treatments will change the course of the condition.

          Typical therapy may include:

          Steroid injection under the skin surface

          Topical corticosteroids

          Topical immunotherapy

          Topical minoxidil

          Ultraviolet light therapy

          Use of wigs

          Irritating drugs may be applied to hairless areas to cause the hair to regrow.

          Expectations (prognosis)

          Full recovery of hair is common.

          However, some people may have a poorer outcome, including those with:

          Alopecia areata at a young age

          Eczema (atopic dermatitis)

          Long-term alopecia

          More widespread or complete loss of scalp or body hair


          Permanent hair loss is a possible complication of alopecia areata.

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