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Meet-Up Flyer


Nat Mane did a lovely post on The Life House, the venue we’re using. She also talks about some of what you can expect at the meet-up.

Please click here for updates and any information related to this event. Natural Nigerian and Nat Mane also have info on the meet-up.

So spread the word and see you there!

9 comments on “Meet-Up Flyer

  1. African Natruralista
    November 12, 2011

    Before: Honey+Mayo+Olive oil+Coconut oil+Shea butter

    Now: Honey+Mayo+Olive oil+Coconut oil+Shea butter+Castor Oil

    I have never paid any particular attention to the measurement of each ingredient

    • screwyhair
      November 12, 2011

      Ooh, great mix. It’s dripping because you’ve got more liquid now. If the castor oil is a must, I’d cut back on one of the other oils (maybe olive oil, since coconut oil really does an awesome job of moisturizing) or replace the olive oil with castor oil entirely.

      Let me know how it goes!

      • African Natruralista
        November 12, 2011

        Ooookkay, I was thinking that maybe castor oil isnt appropriate for use a prepoo ingredient, but now I know better.

        Maybe I can still use all the oils, but in lesser quantities. Do you have any post that has the measurements, like you have for shea butter mix?

        • screwyhair
          November 12, 2011

          I only put in olive oil and/or coconut oil as a pre-co-wash treatment, so I don’t have a post for what you use. Yep, try cutting down on the number of oils. The honey already makes it a runny mix.

  2. African Natruralista
    November 10, 2011

    I publicized this on my blog, twitter and facebook.

    • screwyhair
      November 10, 2011

      Thanks much, African Naturalista. Just read your last post and I’m bowled over–you’re actually skipping a wedding to attend the meetup! Now, that’s some serious seriousness :-) Cannot wait to meet you, honey! Not sure Zebra Living will have sales that day, but the boutique will definitely be open. See you there!

      • screwyhair
        November 11, 2011

        Correction: Zebra Living IS having a sale and it’ll still be on during the meet-up weekend! Went by Life House today to drop off flyers for the meet-up and confirmed it. Thank you, AfricanNaturalista! You were so right!

      • African Natruralista
        November 12, 2011

        I actually learnt about the sales on natmane’s blog. I sort of copy and pasted, lol.

        I want to ask you about a basic prepoo measurement for the ingredients. Mine has been ending up too oily of late. and it ends up drips down my neck sometimes, while sleeping or working on my system.

        I don’t know if I overdid the oil measurement (I doubt this because I am not adding extra oil than I did before and I did not have the dripping problem before) or because I introduced castor oil into the prepoo mix (I did not have this dripping problem before introducing it)

        What do you think? since you are a mixologist

        • screwyhair
          November 12, 2011

          I don’t fully understand. What ingredients were in your old prepoo and what’s in the new one?

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