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A Way-Too-Long-Overdue Announcement

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My 50th post. How ’bout that?

Oh, hi there! Happy New Year! Goodbye!

So you probably figured it out already, but I’ll just say it: I no longer update this blog or produce Screwy Hair hair products. Cos life happens.

My love to all who encouraged and supported me in my all-too-brief foray into blogging and hawking :-) Maybe I’ll do this again someday, when life permits.

Take care, y’all!


Screwy Haired Girl


3 comments on “A Way-Too-Long-Overdue Announcement

  1. The Mane Captain
    January 31, 2015

    I understand. But you still do events with natural nigerian though. which is good :)

    • screwyhair
      July 9, 2016

      Wow, I’ve been gone for a minute :-) No, I don’t; I moved overseas for almost 2 years and only just moved back again to Lagos this year. I haven’t even made it to a meetup :-( but I plan to make the next one :-) NN and CaribHealth are doing great, though. They just had the 15th Lagos meetup and have been doing them in Abuja and now Ibadan (methinks)!

  2. etana007
    January 19, 2015


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